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What we Offer.
  1. Private Events, Done Easely!
    Private Events, Done Easely!
    Fundraisers, Kids Birthday Parties, Adult Birthday Parties, Weddings, Office Parties, Backyard Parties, Block Parties, Greek life Parties or Whatever Parties! Any private event you are having let us know and lets Paint Easely™ ! Our Artists will pack up the car and head out to you! Did I mention we can provide speakers for music?! ​ Need a photographer? ​ Custom Packages Available!
  2. Restaurant Partnerships
    Restaurant Partnerships
    Its a Tuesday and lunch time. Would you like to boost sales during a not so busy lunch or dinner service? Of course! It can Easely be done! We provide everything: The supplies, set up and break down  We can help and gather some starving Artists!  ....We just need some help quenching their thirst and feeding them!
  3. Paint Easely™ Open Events!
    Paint Easely™ Open Events!
    Starting Soon!
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